Select the title and we will inform you of the documentation that will be required for its formalization:

  • Declaration of heirs abintestato (without testament)

    Notary able to act: that of the place where the deceased had his last address in Spain

    • D.N.I. of the promoter of the act that must be the descendant, ascendant or spouse of the deceased (it is enough that it is a single person for the act, although for the inheritance will have to sign all the declared heirs)
    • Certified Death Certificate Last Will.
    • Literal marriage certificate of the deceased if married
    • Literal birth certificates of children family book
    • D.N.I. Or certificate of registration of the deceased to verify last address 2 witnesses who knew the deceased.
    • Term: 6 months since death.

    Once the minutes have been issued, it is necessary to wait 20 days, after which the acceptance of inheritance can be made.

    More information: Ministry of Justice

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  • Sales and purchases of real estate

    • ID of buyer and seller; If they are Companies, the corresponding powers or the validity of the position of the Representative.
    • Original title (deed) ownership of sellers.
    • Certificate that is current in the payment of the expenses of the Community
    • Last receipt from I.B.I.
    • Expenses: At the expense of the buyer the tax and the expenses of Notary and RegistryGain in charge of the seller

    More information:    Catastro     Valoraciones      Mercado Hipotecario      Registros

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  • Marital contracts

    • If you are single and are going to get married: D.N.I. of both
    • If married: DNI of both and family book. If in addition they are going to make liquidation of the community of property: titles of the goods that are going to liquidate, scheme of values and distributions

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  • Sale of shares of commercial companies

    • Seller’s title
    • D.N.I. Buyers and sellers and, where applicable, powers of the company or the term of office of the representative
    • By-laws of the company issuing the shares or shares

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  • Companies constitution

    • DNI socios constituyentes, en el caso de sociedades poderes de su representante
    • certificación de denominación vigente (2 meses desde la fecha de emisión)
    • certificación bancaria de ingreso del capital social desembolsado vigente (2 meses desde la fecha de emisión)
    • Capital mínimo en S.L.N.E. 3.012 €, Máximo 120.202 €
    • Para iniciar los trámites de constitución de una S.L.N.E. deberá dirigirse al CIRCE
    • Capital mínimo en una S.R.L., 3.005,06 €
    • Capital mínimo en una S.A., 60.101,21 €

    El CIF lo puede soclicitar la propia Notaría obteniendo el provisional al instante de la firma. También lo pueden solicitar por anticipado en la correspondiente delegación de hacienda o bien una vez constituida la sociedad con la copia simple de la escritura de constitución.

    Más  información:   Solicitud certificación denominación social     Creación de nuevas empresas       Instituto de Crédito Oficial     Ventanilla única empresarial

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  • Heritages

    • Certificate of death and Last Will.
    • Authorized copy of the will.
    • Data of the heirs
    • Assets of the deceased or deceased (if they are real estate: IBI, if they are current accounts …, bank certificates)

    Must be formalized within 6 months from the death.

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  • Legal powers

    • GENERAL: D.N.I. Of the power of attorney, data of the proxy name, marital status, address and D.N.I. If known with certainty
    • FOR LAWSUITS: D.N.I. Of the power of attorney, name of attorneys and attorneys and college to which they belong
    • OF MERCANTIL SOCIETY: powers of the representative and the data of the proxy

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  • Intestate succession

    • Deadline of 6 months from death
    • Certificate of death and latest wishes
    • Authorized copy of the will
    • Data of the heirs
    • Securities attesting ownership of the property: In Inmuebles I.B.I. In transferable securities, checking accounts, etc .: certificates and bank statements

    More information:     Ministerio de Justicia

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  • Wills

    • D.N.I. testator
    • Full filing including date and place of birth, parents’ names and if they live, marital status, and if applicable, name of the spouse, and children’s names or, if appropriate, ascendants.

    More information:    Ministerio de Justicia

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