Legal advice in civil matters with or without public document writing and signing

  • People (Emancipation, ability, nationality, voluntary representation in powers, contracts of anticipated wills or living will)
  • Real rights (Usufructs, possessions, servitudes, co-ownership, mortgages / loans)
  • Obligations and contracts (Debts and obligations payments, purchase and sale, guarantee of deferred prices, loads, leases, partnerships of all kinds, declarations of new work, extensions of works, end of work, annuities …)
  • Family (Marriages, divorces, marriages, tutors); Successions (wills, inheritances, pure and simple acceptances or for the benefit of inventory). etc

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Legal advice in commercial matters with or without drafting of public document

  • Companies: Constitution, appointment of offices, general meetings, statutory changes, merger, excision or absorption, transformation, dissolution, liquidation and extinction, etc.
  • Commercial investments
  • Opening of new business
  • Market and Company studies
  • Commercial names
  • Brands and patents
  • Financing
  • Declaration of insolvency
  • Extrajudicial debt claim
  • Etc.

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Legal advice on tax

  • Settlement, filing and appeals of personal taxes: Resident and non-resident income tax, real estate tax, withholdings on the sale of real estate to nonresidents (211), settlement of nonresident’s equity gain (210), statement of assets and rights abroad for residents 720), property tax
  • Liquidation, presentation and resources of property taxes: Tax on capital transfers, corporate transactions and documented legal acts, complementary liquidations; Inheritance and gift tax, increase of value of land of urban nature (municipal capital), property tax, change of cadastral ownership, direct debit of IBI receipts
  • Tax representation in Spain of the non-resident

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Processing of own and other notarial deeds

Settlement of taxes, presentation in property registration and follow-up until the registration of the final document

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Complementary procedure prior to the notarial documentation

  • Obtaining pre-deed documentation: Latest wishes certificates and registration of life insurance, bank certificates, information notes of registry, cadastral certificates, debts certificates in community of owners, debts of supplies, certificates of architects for new works or extensions and georeferences obtaining of N.I.E. – identification number of foreigners; Military authorizations for the purchase in zones restricted for the national defense, notifications and previous authorizations of foreign investments in Spain.
  • Counseling and signing of pre-purchase private documents: Contracts of deposit, deposit of money
  • Subsequent processes of writing complementary to the deeds: Change in cadastral ownership, cadastral validations, direct debit of I.B.I., receipts, or change of ownership and direct debit of water, electricity, telephone; Multi-risk home insurance, first or second occupancy licenses international apostilles.
  • Housing: Advice, assistance and control of interior reforms in housing or garden; Cleaning services, electricity, masonry, plumbing; Investment and purchase performance (rentals).
  • Banking services: Search of conditions in different banks on loans, current accounts, deposits and other products.

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Oral and written translation services

  • Translation and customer service in languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, Romanian.
  • Sworn written translation: English, French and other languages.

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